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UncleDad Talks is a weekly podcast that features interviews with Celebrities, rock stars, fighters, comic artists, writers, producers and everything in-between. UncleDad Talks is more than just an interview podcast, its a multiverse.  Enjoy not just interviews, but game shows, explore different business', video game reviews, tabletop RPG reviews, and live events. 

Here in our multiverse we have something for everyone. On the UDT network enjoy even more than just UncleDad Talks.  Enjoy The Game Papas, a once a month dive into all this that are video games and nostalgia.  Join UncleDad and RetroGamingNomad as they chat about a new subject or theme each month.  TGP will dive into all sorts of themes, subjects, or ideas.  Listen to it free on the main stream of UDT.


Love art, music, and good times.  Then listen to our other show hosted by bay area legend Tion "Bukue One" Torrence, Art To Empire.  Where he sits down once a month with other living legends to chat about how they took their passions and turned them into an empire. Find it free on our main stream of UDT.


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