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Awesome show!

Great hosts with wonderful chemistry on a variety of fun topics!

Broad range of guests

I appreciate that the podcast doesn’t just feature people from their political viewpoints but others as well. While I may not agree with some of the guests, I appreciate the podcast being able to sit down and have a conversation with people

This is something special

This podcast is absolutely amazing and goes beyond the realm of just comic book discussions. It highlights the deeper meaning to what makes comic books unique and applicable to our day to day lives. I love how laid back the vibe is but also maintains a professional quality to each episode. And it’s also very clear that these guys KNOW comic books. Absolutely loved listening to it and am looking forward to future episodes!!!

Fresh and Fun

Not like all the "vlog" podcasts now a days. They're focused on topics of discussion whether about comics, the media industries, or politics but while still being able to have fun with it. Highly enjoyable.